Monday, June 11, 2007

Colin, I'm in the garden! Colin!

Remember the Secret Garden? I loved that book and movie. For a long time- as far as I can remember really, I've wanted my own bit of earth. On Saturday I took some great leaps and bounds on it. But I have no photos, so it's boring and I'll get on to other things.

It's been a while, but I've been busy with the TeamKnit I've been shopping though, finding some amazing dresses.

I'm sold on the green, not so much on the polkadots.

I ended up buying a pearlized white belt, and some very VERY cute earings from a local artist. Pictures later ofcourse.

The day before I found a special leather etched edition of the shoes below. I cannot emphasize how freaking better these shoes look in all one piece of leather. The laces will be taken out- I'll never wear them. But they are a perfect replacement for the aldo SLIPPERS I've been wearing as shoes. These new ones actually have SOLES. Oooh. My feet wont know what hit them. Bam!

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