Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh yeH, I forgot about this BLOG!

First post since August, I can't believe it!
I've been wrapped up with teamknit, my rockin knitblog that I co-author with my fantastic girlfriend Julie Cameron. Things are going great on that front, our readership is up and well beyond anything that we might have imagined. The only thing we need, quite desperately actually is a new web design. We geekily aspire to have our own .com, .net or .something by the end of the year. Who knows though, it could happen sooner than we think. Perhaps.....end of spring?OOh, S-P-R-I-N-G! The whole reason I even remembered this journal- I've been online shopping for new purses and shoes when I stumbled across and liked what I saw so much that I had to share.

Check it out:

Large Suede Hobo $150.00
$99.99 SALE

Bow Feelin' Large Shopper $95.00

Patent Croc Top Handle $69.00
$49.99 SALE

Block Party Bracelet, ships 5/8 $95.00

-->it would go so well with my thick torque ring from tiffanys