Monday, February 19, 2007

I went snowboarding in vermont on the weekend

in spirit

Also been working on Kevin's #2 which by accident I made ginormous and had to rip out down to the flaps. Comming along nicley though ..NOW... *frustrated*

Guage is the bane of my existence.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

long winded? nah... just bored at work...again

My love monkey left yesterday to the states for a huge artist photoshoot. Watching him move on to bigger and better things just fills me with pride!

and to my relief and subsequently ever growing love of cellphones..

on to the fiber content

The other day I made a great leap over the interweb to destash and purchased some needles from I try to shy away from internet orders because I always end up buying more than I need and more than I wanted to! I'm happy with this purchase though, and I've been plotting many devious projects.

Ok I lie.

I've mainly been thinking hard about how I'm going to make kevin's part 2. Which is turning out to be just as complicated as the arrrrgh's. Why must I be so ambitious when knitting? *smacks forehead* Like really, everyone else I know takes a pattern, knits it and voila. I on the other hand take the pattern dis and dismantle then fudge it up as I go along. baah.

it's only tuesday!
kill me!

I have a ton of photos to add but I'll get to them later.

ooh! I put the argyle aside last night and fiddled around with some cabling work.. can we say clutch?

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


shusterknits, originally uploaded by j_sun.

believe it or not, i have found another man who knits!

here's another progress shot of the arrgh's

one of Toby

Trav(of Traviest) n me at his going away party lookin stoned