Monday, January 15, 2007

And in the category of things that have now taken up my life...

This year I keep a few resolutions in my minds eye...

One: become stronger than I was before the accident
Two: being all my needle projects to fruition
Three: erase visa debt, and save up the cost of vacations BEFORE hand

Here's what I plan to accomplish so far for 2007. Crazy is as crazy does..

not in order

1. Fair Isle fingerless gloves/armwarmers *my own design for Karo
2. Endpaper mittens
3. Bella Paquita *Click
4. Lelah top *Click
5. Amelia *Click
6. Clapotis *Click
7. An undetermined triangle shawl as a gift to a friend
8. An undetermined rectangle shawl as a gift to a friend
9. Odessa *Grumperina

Besta get knittin hmm?

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